Let’s stay Beautiful, Safe and Healthy

It’s been a challenging time which unfortunately didn’t last for as long as a bad haircut. The Coronavirus has affected mobile hairdressing and beauty services as much as it did with so many other aspects of our lives. But now, whilst we ‘re reclaiming our original routines and lifestyle, the best way to keep safe is if everyone sticks to good hygiene practices and minimising exposure to risky situations.

As always, Hair Ever After places the well-being and safety of clients and specialists above anything else. In order to safeguard everyone’s health we are following closely the below guidelines and require from our clients to do their part too.

Our measures against infection and COVID-19

  • Our specialists are equipped with high-quality PPE including respirators or masks, face shield, disposable gloves and sanitisers.
  • We always keep our staff trained on general sanitisation and infection control but now they must complete at least an additional certification course on COVID-19.
  • When required, they will use disposable towels, disposable floor protection coverings and disposable capes.
  • Specialists’ kits and clothes are sanitised before every appointment. Any tool that comes in contact with clients is sanitised with high-quality, branded disinfectants.
  • We will travel to your appointment by car to minimise exposure to viruses when in transit.
  • We cancel all appointments of specialists who have been unwell or have developed symptoms.
  • Our specialists have been instructed to immediately leave the premises if anyone in the household shows signs of being unwell.

Your Part

  • Please provide a safe and well-ventilated area for the delivery of your service.
  • Other people should be advised to not enter the same room or get close to the specialist during your appointment. 
  • Do not touch the equipment or the carrying cases of the specialist.
  • Immediately cancel your booking if anyone in your household is feeling unwell or if you have come in contact with someone who has been unwell. We will prioritise you for a new appointment once the safe period has elapsed.
  • You can use your own mask or face covering but you may have to remove it during some services.
  • Keep a safe distance from the specialist before and after receiving your service.
  • Sanitise the area where your service will take place before and after your appointment.

Do you have any questions, special requirements or not sure about something? Just get in touch and let us know about anything you want to discuss.

Barbicide Covid-19 Certificate


For quality protective masks we recommend Stealth masks. Designed and manufactured in the UK.


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