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Glam Seamless UK Hair Stylists

Hair Ever After are certified stylists of Glam Seamless hair extensions and products in the UK. Glam Seamless have satisfactorily met our high standards for quality, natural-looks, endurance, colour application, and comfortable bonding and we believe they are an excellent option for clients who are looking for affordable but durable, natural-looking hair extensions.

In addition to Glam Seamless, we also offer hair extension services from a range of selected brands and bonding methods that will cater quality results to any budget.

Glam Seamless UK benefits

Why to choose Glam Seamless for your hair extensions

  • Glam Seamless hand-select the finest quality human hair with the cuticles intact. This allows your extensions to last longer and will not mat or tangle with proper care.
  • Glam Seamless extensions include an anti-shedding technology which ensures that the hair extensions can last longer and can be reused in many applications. Their unique double sew lines ensure they will not shed, mat, or tangle.
  • They are made with strong, medical-grade adhesive that is 100% water resistant and durable. While wearing Glam Seamless Tape Extensions you can both swim and workout and your hair extensions will remain intact.
  • They are double drawn, which makes the hair extensions fuller and thicker.
  • Despite their strong hold, they are non-damaging to your own hair and leave behind zero residue during removal. They can be easily removed with a special Organic Remover without damaging your own hair.

Hair Extensions that can match any colour combination

  • Glam seamless offer the possibility of 200 color combinations. They come in natural colors, pastels, highlights and ombre that can be combined to create your unique color.
  • Eco-friendly materials used to colour and process the hair extensions resulting in high quality hair even after processing.
  • Their glaze creates glossy, nourished hair with zero color fading.
  • No harsh chemicals or artificial shine.
  • Multi-tonal coloring process: helps extensions blend with your color.
  • Blonde extensions can be toned with toner or purple shampoo.
  • Brown shades blend well creating a multi-tonal look.

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Glam Seamless UK Hair Extensions Instagram Gallery
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