Colour Correction

So you had a colour disaster with a not so experienced colourist, or perhaps a change of heart and don’t want that hair colour after all.  No need to worry.  You ‘re not alone in this.

It is very common for blonde ladies going darker and regretting it or brunette ladies trying the platinum lights but getting the orange effect instead. Colour correction is a more sophisticated process than normal colouring which requires deep understanding of advanced colouring techniques and should only be carried out by skilled colourists.

After evaluating the situation, we will have an honest discussion about all your available options. Together we will choose the optimal solution to get you quickly back to the look that you want whilst treating your precious hair with the care they need.  One of the benefits of having your colour correction done by an expert hair colourist is that you also open yourself to many different options. These can start from simply getting back to your natural tone and go up to achieving an amazing new makeover that possibly you hadn’t even considered before!

Balayage, Ombre and Dip Dye are just a few of the colour techniques that we specialise in. They can add a 3rd dimension and more texture to your hair, they can be used as an excellent option for ladies who want something different, or serve as the perfect way to test your hair with a new colour shade before committing to a more permanent dye.

We will also discuss which aftercare products you may want to consider to prolong the tone and shine of your new colour.

Woman with long blonde hair with corrected highlights colour




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