Cut & Styling

Whether you desire a classic trim or a totally new style, we will listen to your wishes and help you achieve the desired result.

If you are looking for something new I can help you decide, taking  into consideration your facial shape, personality, lifestyle and quite often the style of a celebrity that you admire.

Then we will style your hair and teach you also how to style them at home so that you can keep that great finish for many weeks after. Loose curls, beach waves or even sleek straight hair come to complete the look and define the identity of the style.

A good cut and style can give you great looking hair however, hair care and nourishment will keep your hair healthy and give them a fabulous appearance for longer. And since we don’t have our own brand of hair products to push and we take pride in our knowledge of top quality products, we can help you decide on an optimum regiment for your needs and budget from the very best of the leading brands.

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