Hair Colouring

Colouring our hair can improve or completely change our appearance. It can give depth and texture to a hair style-or be a style on its own.  It can make a statement about our appearance or our mood. It can make us look younger and even slimmer.

My philosophy is that colouring is almost like science which is why it requires constant attention to detail, continous training and using only top brand, high quality colour products in order to consistently give beautiful results. Rigorous expert training and experience in advanced colouring techniques gained from years working at some of the most expensive salons in London have equipped me with the skills of a celebrity colourist.

I take pride in providing complete satisfaction and affordable prices to my clients. It is simply not possible to walk away without the exact colour that you desire. My colouring services will not just help you get the colour that you want but also protect and preserve the good condition of your hair and scalp and make it radiate with shine and vitality. I can also help clients with issues that require special attention such as  skin sensitivity, vegan or herbal only colour products, etc.

Colour consultations are free of charge.

Thinking about a trying new hair colour? Why not start by visiting Marie Claire’s best hair colour guide?

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