Brunette with long curly hair extensions

For a long time long beautiful hair had been a privilege of a few women. Now things have changed! Regardless of the length or condition of your hair, I can help you get the long hair that you desire, with lots of volume, using a broad range of hair extension systems.

The methods of application vary and depend on each client’s specific needs. Typical examples are the keratin-bonded and micro-link technologies which are better-suited for more permanent applications, or you could consider some of the latest technologies such as the so-called “sandwich-method”.

In the sandwich method extremely light and fine (only 3 cm wide) extension strips  are used to give a beautiful and truly undetectable result. They are so discreet that even you will forget they are there! Additionally, this method carries another strong benefit. Each application can last up to 6-8 weeks depending on your hair type, and they can be reapplied and restyled very easily without damaging your own hair!

With hair extensions the sky is the limit. Any look and colour can be achieved! All the hair applied is 100% responsibly-sourced human hair from branded and approved suppliers.

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