Party Hair

Big celebration or party coming up? Time to show everyone your impeccable taste in fashion paired with flawless party hair and make-up. Let us turn you into your most elegant and glamorous self whilst you enjoy the experience from the comfort of your home or hotel room.

Party Hair Ideas

These days it’s very easy to get inspiration and find original styles over the internet. A good place to start is from photos of celebrities wearing hairstyles that you like. Look for their pictures on news sites, using Google’s image search, on movie forums, at Getty Images, etc. Make sure to check their look from more than one angle to ensure it suits your style.

Other fantastic sources for party hair ideas are fashion magazines, blogs, Instagram and YouTube channels. The only drawback is that you may start to get a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content that is published. Therefore it is advisable that you quickly focus to the generic hairstyles that appeal to you and then refine your search towards ideal executions.

Take as many screenshots of the photos as you can and send them to us to be used as reference during your telephone consultation. It doesn’t matter if you like more than one styles. Our expert hairstylists will help you choose the best one, or perhaps even fuse multiple hair ideas into a new original look just for you!

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Party Hairstyles

It all starts of course with the type of venue, the guests and your personality. If it’s going to be just you and your close friends at a familiar venue you may feel more comfortable trying new styles. But for a charity gala full of new faces you may not like to attract too much attention. Or, perhaps you do. Either way we can help.

For years we have been taking care of ladies party hairstyles for all types of events and worked with all types of hair. From office cocktail parties to strictly formal events such as Royal Ascot and awards galas. If it’s a formal party try to collect as much information as possible about the event format, the official or unofficial dress code and perhaps some photos from previous years.

Then let us know how powerful an impression you want to make and we ‘ll make sure to give exactly what you ask. If you ‘re leaning more towards the modest and understated side of the scale, we can help you get a bit more bold and daring style but in a tasteful and elegant way. Get ready for many compliments to come along your way. You can thank us later.

Party Hair Up

A hair up styling or updo can be the decisive factor in a fabulous, showstopping look. It can make you look more glamorous, lift your elegance and it’s the perfect hairstyle to combine with beautiful jewelry. Again send us some pictures of your dress and jewelry and let us know if you want us to come with some matching hair accessories. Party hair up variations are endless and don’t let the length of your hair limit your imagination. We have a good selection of high quality hair extensions that you can use for as little or as long as you want.

Party Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ladies with long hair have the advantage of choosing from a long list of possible party hairstyles. The first thing to be considered though should be the health and appearance of your hair. If your hair hasn’t been trimmed for a while or it has lost its shine due to heavy styling it may need some rejuvenating. Consider trimming the split ends and give your precious hair some nutritious treatments to help it regain its shine and strength.

Then choose a hairstyle that suits the length, colour and condition of your hair. If you need styling for just one big event then we can go for that absolutely gorgeous look that may take a bit longer to prepare. However, if you ‘re attending events spanning multiple days, we will prep your hair and show you a selection of styling ideas that you will be able to easily recreate on your own.

Christmas Party Hair & Make-Up

Thinking about booking our expert hairstylists for your Christmas Party Hair and Make-up? We ‘d love to help. Please try sure to secure your appointment as early as possible as we tend to get booked up fast.

Our Mobile Hairdressers

Party-MakeupOur mobile hairdressers and make-up artists are all expert and vetted specialists with many years of experience. It’s pretty much like having your hair done in a renowned salon but without the fuss of getting there or staying behind schedule. If the faclities allow it, we can even prepare you at you venue. We also provide special discounts for group sessions. Please get in touch for a quote.

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